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About the Role

• Assess current farmer and produce landscape – this includes smallholder farmers, distributors, commercial farms, markets, harvesting / planting seasons, logistics etc
• Develop short-term and long-term sourcing strategy and identify supply base
• Forecast, manage, plan offtake from farmers to be meet growing customer demand
• Maintain, initiate, and continually develop relationships with suppliers: smallholder farmers, distributors as well as scale commercial farms
• Excellent understanding of produce seasons, varieties, and quality factors etc
• Optimize sourcing procedures to increase profits and reduce costs
• Understand and fulfill customers’ requirements - ensure quality, availability, and food safety.
• Deep understanding the market, pricing, and negotiation tactics
• Assist in further development and implementation of the digital platform, using it as the tool to onboard and manage farms.
• Knowledgeable and support to keep record; data collection, analytics and reporting


About the Company

Globally food loss and waste accounts for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. In Sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 50% of fruits and vegetables produced never reach a consumer while 32% of Kenyans face food insecurity. Farm to Feed tackles this devastating paradox.

At Farm to Feed, we aggregate surplus and imperfect produce and sell to partners who help increase access to affordable nutrition whilst having a positive impact on the climate.

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