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Impact 2020: 1.4 million vegetable portions, what a milestone!

What an incredible year it has been. It all started off as a COVID response idea and now we are a full-fledged organization with long term vision. After just a few weeks in we realized the problem that we were tackling was not caused by the pandemic. It existed at great scale before the crisis, the crisis only exacerbated the scale of it. We are therefore committed to tackling this issue in a more sustainable way.

We rescued potential food loss (323,600 kg of CO2 equivalent) and delivered 1.4 million vegetable portions. Solve hunger by eradicating food loss, that is why we exits.

We believe that Farm to Feed can fundamentally reshape food security in sub-Saharan Africa.

#impact #farmtofeed #zerowaste #zerofoodwaste #zerohunger.

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