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Meet some of our beneficiaries!


These boys live in the Joy Divine Children's home located in Mathare slum and are two of the Farm to Feed beneficiaries.

Somo is known as the "Chief Comedian" of the orphanage. With his witty humor, he aspires to be an entertainer - we were lucky to witness his natural gift! Together with his siblings, he benefits from the fresh greens every week. We are happy to see him high energy. Once again, we cannot take for granted how important healthy food is for the growing minds!

Zacheria is known as the mysterious adventurer; his character shines through the picture! He loves being outdoors, discovering new places and exploring new facts of life as he enters his teenage years. Together with his sister he benefits from our fresh vegetables every week.

We are happy to be helping these boys and giving them a chance to pursue their dreams and ambitions. But above all, allowing them just to be kids who do not have to worry about their next meal. We cannot underestimate the importance of proper nutrition. This will allow them to learn at school, grow physically and cognitively, increase their productivity later in life. Healthy food gives children the energy to grow and play!

We still need your help, please donate so we can continue impacting lives in Kenya!

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