We believe food security and healthy environment go hand in hand. 




On 13 March, the first case in Kenya was announced. Soon after the government announced a ban of all incoming flights and closed the border of Nairobi. On 6 April, within 4 days of fundraising, we delivered the 1st load of vegetables from various farmers to Deep Sea Slum. Mlango Farm, Charity Connect and SNV were our first official partners that made us realize this.

After opening out second supply hub in Bibirioni we were able to deliver vegetables for ~2000 meals per day, 6 days a week. We scaled quickly to deliver to different low-income areas in Nairobi incl. Kibera, Mathare, Outer Ring Road, Parklands, Deep Sea Slum, Ngara, Dagoretti, Kiserian and Kikuyu.


Our farmers network is continuously growing. We intend to scale up and establish new supply hubs in the very near future.


We believe that building a food secure world with a  healthy environment should go hand in hand. During these difficult times we have to think of ways to provide emergency relief with a lasting impact, improving the systems so that they can endure future crises. 


As the effects of the pandemic subside, Kenya will face a crippling impact on the agricultural sector as the challenges will continue to exist i.e. spoilage/wastage, production loss, inefficient value chains and vulnerable communities who simply cannot afford a healthy diet. 


To bring Farm to Feed beyond the current crisis and tackle these challenges, we are - as we speak - working on sustainable business models as well working with other organizations to implement programs for farmers to increase resilience, sustainability and productivity. For example by training farmers on the long term to get a higher production and an increased lead, whilst learning them how to adapt to changes in nature and economy. 


In the end to have a sustainable and efficient food production to have enough in the future. From there we make sure everyone can enjoy a nutritious diet. 


We are pleased to have you with us on this journey!