Using food loss to improve nutrition and combat climate change

This is why

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Food loss and waste:

In sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 50% of fruit and vegetables never make it to market for consumption. This means lost income for farmers and economies. 


Climate change:

Food wastage is responsible for 8% of greenhouse gases. Rotting food releases methane and the resources put into producing produce - land, energy, water, inputs and capital - are also wasted.

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32% of Kenyans face food insecurity or poor nutrition. 26% of children are stunted which has an irreversible impact on cognitive and physical development. 

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How it works

Order our vegetables and have triple impact

You order

your vegetables

Minimum order 150kg.

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Email to get our product list

We deliver your vegetables

Together with the farmers, we put your order together and deliver next day

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Weekly delivery is possible.

Together, we create a healthier planet

Making nutritious food more affordable and fighting climate change 

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We track how much food has been rescued and how much CO2 has been saved. 


Order a mix vegetable basket, minimum 150kg and maximum 7000kg​


Supply us with your surplus or imperfect vegetables and help us grow. 


For every $50 we rescue & deliver 2500 vegetable portions to vulnerable families

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The devastating paradox explained

Food loss and malnutrition leads to unacceptable high costs - direct and indirect - on individuals, families, nations, healthcare systems and economies.

We believe access to affordable healthy food is a basic human right, not a privilege 

Become a corporate donor or partner. 

Work with us towards tackling mankind's most pressing challenges. 

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