Making farming fair and rewarding

We want to keep your hard work in the human food chain, making sure nothing goes to waste. With us, it's easy to access the market and sell your entire harvest including the odd-shaped and surplus produce at fair price. We are the buyer of choice for thousands of smallholder and commercial farmers like you.

Farmers who supply with Farm to Feed enjoy

full harvest

On-time payments

After the produce has cleared quality checks, we process your payments so that you never have to wait

full harvest

Higher income margin

Earn money for your misshapen produce that would otherwise not be sold

full harvest

Full harvest offtake

We buy your entire produce, whether it’s odd-shaped, surplus, or regular grade, so you never have to worry

full harvest

Prevent food waste

You work hard to grow vegetables and we make sure your hard work is rewarded and food always makes it to market

full harvest

Partnership for growth

Grow your skills and improve your harvest together with our partners in agricultural inputs and training